Sunday, June 24, 2007

Natchez Trace Parkway, mile markers 375.8-269.4

So many things to see along the trace. We enjoy stopping at
the various mile markers and taking the walks. We are able to
hear the birds sing and enjoy the beauty that nature

This is mile marker 269.4. At the end of this original Trace walk,
is 13 Confederate graves.

This is mile marker 327.3. It is the site of Colbert Ferry
It is 500 yards across the Tennessee river to the other
side. It is reported that George Colbert who operated a
stand and the ferry charged Andrew Jackson $75,000
to ferry his army across the river.

Mile marker 363.0 Sweetwater branch. Lovely walk.
We were able to see beaver dams, fish, flowers, and of
course the Sweetwater spring.

Along these mile markers are Indian mounds. Those
pictures are in the travel photo albums.
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