Monday, November 13, 2006

Turtle Beach, Manteca, Ca

Gary has been enjoying the fishing along the river. Mom and dad arrived with the great grandkids, Payton and Riley, just as Gary was returning with his catch. Riley was very impressed with the fish.

Our new backyard.
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Heron, Turtle Beach/fishcamp, Manteca, ca

We have been enjoying the many herons that rest in this area. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 06, 2006

Fishing in Rio Vista, ca

Gary has been fishing again. He caught this 26.5 incher in the Delta out of Rio Vista. We are camped at an ROD campground, Delta Shores Resort and Marina on Brannan Island Road out of Isleton, Ca. The campgroud is very good for both tv and internet sats. We are awakened every morning by the sound of the geese flying south. Wonderful sunsets every evening. Posted by Picasa

Campground visitor

We stayed at the NACO Russian River campground in Cloverdale, CA. It is a great campground although small. If you have a large rig, you should not park in sections D or A. We camped at site 67, just headed in not backed in. We were able to get our datastorm satellite and our directv satellites to site in. Both are on the roof. This deer ventured out of the woods in front of our rig. Every morning, we were entertained by a covey of quail. Posted by Picasa