Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Natchez Trace, Mile markers381.8-444

Gary and I drove the Natchez Trace from Mile marker
381.8-444. We stopped at all the points of interest along
the way. As always, more photos on travel photo link.

Grave of Meriweather Lewis. He was staying in this area
when he died. Info on marker says he died a mysterious
death. Did he commit suicide, or was his death meant to
look as if he commited suicide?

Fall Hollow. Lots of falls to see.

Mile Marker 397.4. You can walk 2000' of the trace.

Gordon House and Ferry Site. Marker 407.7 Mr. Gordon
was a scout for General Jackson. This house was built in
1818. The Gordons ran a ferry from 1801 until traffic on the
Trace declined.
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