Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yellowstone National Park Wildlife

We spent a week in upper Yellowstone this year so we were able to see lots of wildlife.  We camped at Mammoth campgrounds, which was the only campground that was first come first serve with sites large enough for our rig.  Another reason for choosing that campground was that it was close to Lamar Valley where the wolves hang out.  We were able to see the wolves this year, all we had to do was get up at 4:00 am and drive till we found where all the people with large spotting scopes were hanging out.  We went looking for wolves 3 times and saw them twice.  This year we saw, eagles, buffalo, deer, grizzly, black bear, moose, elk, coyote, and goats.

P1470589grizzlyP1470646P1470684P1470701coyoteThe fight is on

a lot blurry, but the wolves are on the left

the wolves were very far away.  But there were 3 of them

Yellowstone National Park Mid Geysers and Old Faithful

It was a cloudy day when we sent to see the Mid Geysers and Old Faithful.  It was also cool which meant that the geysers produced a lot of steam.  We were able to see Old Faithful spout off before we had to head for shelter to get out of the rain.


                                                                Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park Norris Geyser Basin

Norris Geyser Basin is divided into 2 trails, 2 long trails with a steep climb to get out.  We walked the loop on the left and I took pictures of the loop on the right, which was the steepest of the 2.  Don’t miss the Norris Geyser Basin if you get to Yellowstone


Yellowstone National Park Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone 2013

There are many places to view the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Some of the places are short walks, while others are long and steep.  We were able to see an eagle on our way to the Canyon and a grizzly on our way out of the canyon.  If you go to Yellowstone, be sure to see this part of the park.


Yellowstone National Park, Mudpots, Roaring Mt. Sulphur Caldron, 2013

We were able to visit the Mud pots, Roaring Mt., and Sulphur Caldron all in one day.  No walking to see Roaring Mt. or Sulphur Caldron, but in order to see all of the mud pots, you will have to walk uphill and follow the boardwalk.  We were also able to see 2 buffalo at the top of the Mud pot trail.


Yellowstone National Park Mammoth Springs 2013

Our first campground in the park was at Mammoth Springs.  It was a dry camping site for only $10 a night.  We were able to go to a ranger program about the wolves and see the elk that came down into the area.  Mammoth Springs is beautiful.  You have to walk the wooden board walk to see the results of the springs.  There are 3 ways to begin the trail, my suggestion is to start in the middle; lot easier walking.  Lots of stairs to climb also, but well worth the time.