Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a fish!!!!!!

Oh boy!!!! Biggest fish Gary has hooked and landed. Fish was 13.5 lbs, 33' long. What a day!!!!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gary is enjoying the porta-bote

The sun finally came out for a whole day. We are at Turtle Beach in Manteca, Ca. So far, most of the days have been very foggy. Lots of moisture in the air. The temp has been in the 40s and los 50s during the day. We decided to carry our porta-bote this year. We have been in a lot of places where Gary would have had lots more fun if he only had the boat. So after days of rearranging the bays, we added the porta-bote . We will be carrying the bote on top of the jeep as we travel down the road.

There are a few trees here with some color. Gary is coming in from a hard day of fishing.

Nice striper.

This is the set-up for hauling the boat to water when we are camped close to the lake.
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