Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marengo Cave Tours

We took the two tours of Marengo Cave, the Drip Stone Tour and the Crystal Palace Tour. The cost for the combined tours was $40. Both tours are very easy walking. The Drip stone tour lasts
for 70 minutes, it is over 1 mile long. The Crystal Palace Tour is only 30 minutes long. At the end of the tour, you get to see a video about the cave's discovery. Again, we were lucky to be the only 2 tourists for the Drip Stone Tour. There were 6 other people with us for the Crystal Palace Tour.
We enjoyed both tours. Lots of pictures on the travel photo link.

Marengo cave Drip Stone Tour

Can you see the cups in the flowstone? Early tourists
used to take a drink from the river during their tour.

People throw coins up to the ceiling to see if they can get
them to stick. In 1999, the coins were harvested resulting
in a crop over $4000

Helicite formation
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Marengo Cave Crystal Palace Tour

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Crystal Palace Tour

Crystal Palace. At the end of the tour, you view a video
about how the Marengo Cave was found. The back wall
is used as the screen.

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WWI German Howitzer

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wyandotte Caves, large Cave

This was a strenuous tour. Steep walk-ways and lots of
stairs. We were able to see huge rooms and helacites on
this tour. This was part of a combination tour with the
Siberts Cave tour being the first part. Cost of combo
tour was $22 per person. Caves are located in Leavenworth,

Our tour guide called this Angel Hair

Native Americans used the cave to live in and to obtain
obsidian for their arrow heads.

Cluster to 8 bats. This cave is closed in the winter as it
is a habitation for over 35,000 bats.

Helicite formation. This cave contains one of the world's
largest rare helicite formations.
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Siberts Cave, Wyandotte Caves

This was on the flow stone tour of the Wyandotte Caves.
Easy tour.

Salamander inside the Siberts Cave

This may become a column in a few years.

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Squire Boone Caverns

These pictures were taken in the Squire Boone Caverns.
The Caverns were discovered by Daniel Boone and his
brother Squire Boone, Jr., in 1790. Caves are located outside
Corydon, Indiana. Cost to tour cave was $25 for both of us.
They also have various buildings outside the caves, Candy
shop, bakery, place where one can mine for gems, and another shop.
Easy walking tour. Website is:
We were the only 2 on our tour. More photos on travel
photo link.

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Boone's Mill

Squire Boone, Daniel Boone's brother, built a mill in 1804.
It was in operation until 1852. During the years, the mill
burnt twice but was always rebuilt. The Mill is nationally
recognized as one of the foremost working grist mills in
America. The 18', 3 ton overshot waterwheel and the 150'
long raceway are among the largest in America.

These stones were carved by Squire Boone in 1809 in the
foundation of his mill.
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Richland Plummer Creek Covered Bridge

Located in Bloomfield, Indiana off of Semenary Road.

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World's Second Largest Train Trestle

The world's second largest train trestle is located outside
Bloomfield, Indiana. The train only runs on this trestle
twice a year. You can walk across the trestle in 1.5 hours; that
is if you are not afraid of heights. The trestle used to have
barrels that were cut in half attached to the sides to catch
rainwater in order to help with the vibrations of the crossing
trains. So, if one happened to start across the trestle and
a train approached, one could just jump into the barrell.
More pictures on the travel photo albums.

My aunt and niece are standing at the bottom
of the trestle.

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Bluesprings Caverns, Bedford, Indiana

We toured Bluesprings Caverns outside of Bedford Indiana.
This tour is via a john-boat. The only lighting in the caverns
is from the tour guide's flashlight and the lights on the bottom
of the boats. The cost of the tour was 14 per person. Well
worth the cost.

This is the side of the caverns

We got to see blind fish and blind crayfish. This is a
picture of one of the many fish that we saw.

The floor of the caves that surround the river is the consistency
of peanut butter. Sure looks smooth.
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Onondaga Cave

Missouri is known for the many caves. It has over 6,000.
We toured Meramec and Onondaga Caves in the same day since
they are only 20 miles apart. The cost for Onondaga is $10
per adult. Our tour consisted of 2 guides and 2 other adults.
The Onondaga Cave is designated as a National Natural
Landmark. As always, you can view more pictures by
clicking on the travel photo link and viewing the Meramec
and Onondaga albums.

These are called soda straws

They call these the twins

They call this bacon. Can you guess why?

This is a close up of the flowstone found on what they
call the Queen's Drapery.
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