Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cloud 9 Ranch

We are now at cloud 9 Ranch in Caulfield, Missouri. We left Hot Springs on Wed, Aug 15. We enjoyed our stay at Hot Springs. Gary was able to fish in comfort even though it was very hot. He is now out fishing in the stream here at Cloud 9. We will be here until Sept. 4. It is hot here also, but weather forecast for Sunday says 82.

Hot Springs National Park

This park is located in down town Hot Springs, Arkansas, (childhood home of President Clinton). We toured the park center is was
known as the Fordyce Bathhouse. We viewed a movie and toured the bathhouse. We thought about taking one of the hot springs
baths, but it was over 1oo degrees outside and sitting in a 100 degree or more bath just did not sound good at the time. We did
drive up to the mountain tower to enjoy the view.

This is the fountain inside the men's bath house. The The bathhouse had a gym as exercise was also stressed.
men would drink water from the fountain.

One of the private baths On the left is the sitz bath, on the right is the sit-down suana.
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Los Adaes State Historic Site

Located in the Natchitoches area, one mile northeast
of Robeline, La. Cost $2 total. This was a Spanish
garrison in the early 1700s. This was also
designated as the capital of the Spanish province
of Texas. There are some exhibits inside the
visitor center.

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Adai Indian Nation Cultural Center

The center is located in Natchitoches Parish, La. It cost
us a total of $5 to view the very small museum. We also
were able to view a film about the Adai Indians. During
different parts of the year, the cost is $6.50 per adult.
That is when they perform their traditional dances.
Below you can see some of the museum items.

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Ft. Jesup State Historic Park

Fort Jesup State Historic Park is located in Many, La. Cost
was $2 total for both of us. In 1822 Lieutenant Col. Zachary
Taylor established and commanded the garrison. This was a
military post for 25 years. The purpose of the fort was to
establish law and order in what was known as Neutral Ground
as a result of the Florida Purchase Treaty of 1819. It is rumored
that some of the soldiers deserted the garrison to fight at the
Alamo and in other Texas independance skirmishes. We were
given a tour by one of the ladies who worked there. Our tour
guide was really great. When we arrived, she was busy helping
another lady with a quilt.

A dress with a decorated pocket. It seems that the dresses
in those days did not have pockets, so women made pockets
to wear outside of their dresses. If the woman was not married
she would decorate the pocket to draw the attention of men's
eyes. If she was married, her pockets were not decorated.

This shows the bunk arrangement that was used at the
time. There would be 4 men assigned to this bunk, two on
top bunk, and two on bottom bunk, sleeping head to toe.
During that time, most soldiers weighed between 130-140 and
averaged 5'6". And to think, most married couples think that
a regular bed is two small for two people.

This is the reconstructed officers' quarters. Inside you can
find exhibits and a gift ship.

This is the kitchen/mess hall. It is the only historic structure
remaining. You can tour the inside and see tables, cooking
items, storage bins, and iron and pewter utensils. The pillars
in front of the kitchen/mess supported the barracks. Each
barrack houses 50 men. The barracks were built upon
8' pillars.
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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Alligator Park, Natchitoches, La

We spent a couple of hours at this park. Cost was $6.95 per
adult. We arrived in time to see them feed the alligators.
They had some really big guys. Besides the alligators, they
have goats, snakes, birds, marsh area, and a snack bar where
you can eat some alligator meat. We bought some and it
tasted like???????? alligator of course. It was good.

Chicken anyone?

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Country Music Museum

We visited the Lousiana Country Music Museum located
near Marthasville, La. Cost was $2 per adult. They have
numerous concerts in this area.

Homemade fiddle and bow

German made Zither- part autoharp, part dulcimer

1842 German Tiefenbrunner
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