Friday, June 15, 2007

Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum, Nashville, Tennesse

This museum has only been opened for one year. If you are
interested in the instruments that were used to record some
of the top records, then you will enjoy this museum. I learned
that the studio players who recorded a record that went gold
also received the same type of plaque that the recording artist
received. Some of the studio players played on numerous
gold records. Cost of this museum is $14.95 per adult. In the
future, they plan on having a live recording session during the
tours. Some of the instruments displayed were played on
original recordings of Mamas and Papas, Hank Williams, Elvis,
Tammy Wynett, Beach Boys, Supremes, Chicago, and many

Ringo Star's shirt. He gave this to one of the studio players
after the recording of one of his records.

Guitar belonging to Jimi Hendricks

This guitar belonged to Johnny Cash.
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