Monday, February 26, 2007

Tombstone, Arizona

We returned to Tombstone again this year. It took us two days to see all that we wanted to see. We saw the Historiama, the O.K. Corral Shoot-out, Doc Holiday cheat at cards, the Bird Cage Theatre, the Helldorado Comedy Show, and both of Texas Kates Wild West shows. Be sure to check out the photos.

Helldorado Good guy

Helldorado has a comedy show which is really great.
Cost of the show is $4 and well worth it. You will have a
great time.

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Helldorado Comedy show bad guys

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Bird Cage Theatre

This is an orginial building in Tombstone. For $8, you can
take a tour and see the original stage, grand piano, cribs,
Faro table used by Doc Holiday, the location of the longest
poker game. You can also see bullet holes in the walls left
by gunmen in the 1880s. We really enjoyed the museum
in the back, well worth the $8. You can see more pictures
in the travel photo link, under Tombstone 2007.

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Soiled Doves of Tombstone

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Texas Kate Wild West Show

We went to two shows put on by Texas Kate. She uses rescued animals in her shows. She puts on a very good show. She cuts paper and a rose with a bull whip. She does great rope tricks and does tricks while on horseback. The cost of each show is around $3 per person. More photos can be seen in the Tombstone 2007 album.
Texas Kate and Cisco
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Texas Kate

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Saying prayers

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Texas Kate doing a rope trick

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Gammons Gulch

We had a wonderful day touring Gammons Gulch. Gammons Gulch is a ghost town movie set. One may say that it is the brainchild of Jay Gammon. Jay has collected many things that have been used in movies. He has a collection of 5 pianos. His place has been the setting for a few movies. We were greeted by Jay who gave us a tour and told us how each of the buildings were built. He has quite a few authentic items. His buildings include a jail, blacksmith shop, assay office, saloon, Chinese Laundry, mercantile, livery, and a hotel. He and his wife live in the hotel. The tour cost $7. He has an area set aside for picnics. Gammon Gulch is usually open September - May, hours 9 a.m-4 p.m. Wed. through Sunday, but one might want to call ahead to make sure he is open. For email- Phone 520-212-2831. You can get to Gammons Gulch by taking exit 306 east of Benson, Arizona. This is another place that we will return to, as Jay is always adding on and people are always giving him things. For more photos, click on the link.
Jay begins his tour inside the saloon. He even plays a
piano tune and a tune on his banjo for the folks who take
the tour.
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Jay Gammon has this display inside his home. When he was
11, he appeared in a John Wayne movie. His father was a
body guard for John Wayne while John was filming some of
his movies. In this display, you can see a picture of John Wayne
wearing the same clothing in the picture. The badge was the
one Dean Martin wore in the movie "Rio Bravo"
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chiricahua National Monument

Wow! what a place to visit. We were greeted by some deer on our way into the monument. The rock formations in this park are fantastic!! Every where you look, you can see something in a rock formation. We had great weather for our tour of the monument. We were able to take a few short walks along some of the trails. After looking at my pictures, I have decided that we must return. We had fun making a couple of snowmen. Gary and I also ambushed Jan, Sherri, and Wes with a few snowballs. This will be one park that we may visit every year on our way east. When you take a look at the other photos in the album, see what formations you can make out.
Organ Pipe Formation
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Do you see a lion or a buffalo?

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Gary holding down the rock
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Rock formations

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Sherri's snowman. Built on the Sugarloaf trail.
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Gary built a snowman on one of our short walks.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bisbee, Arizona

We took a walking tour of Bisbee, Arizona. We went into
some of the shops. One can walk into an old Woolworth's
or J.C. Penny's store. We had an excellent lunch at a
Mexican restaurant behind the Museum.

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Queen Mine Tour

We took a tour of the Queen Mine. It is a copper mine
in Bisbee, Arizona. We got to don slickers, hard hats,
and mining lanterns. A great time was had by all who went on the
tour. Cost was $12 per person, lasted 1.5 hours, and was 47
degrees down in the mine.
Click on photo link on right for more photos.

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fuses ready to light.

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Drill used to make holes for the dynamite.

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Our tour guide pointing out an important piece of mining
equipment. Can you figure out what it was used for?

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Gary and Wes figured it out.

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Wes and Gary figured it out.

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