Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cody, Wyoming

We spent 4 days in Cody and it seemed like time flew by. We took a tour on the trolley, spent 2 days at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, went to a rodeo, saw the Cody murals, toured Trail Town, took a visit to the Miniature museum, toured the town looking for all the painted bears, enjoyed the Dan Miller Cowboy Musical Revue, did a little shopping, saw the gunfight downtown, visited the Buffalo Bill Dam, and visited the ice cream parlor twice. Sure did enjoy their smoothies. Cody is a very friendly place to visit. This was our second trip to Cody. Jim and Sherri were with us this time and that added to the fun we had. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took.

Buffal Bill Dam

Gary and I took a tour of the dam. The last section of concrete
was laid when it was -15 degrees. Be sure to visit the dam if
you go to Cody.

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Dan Miller's Cowboy Music Revue

Gary and I attended this show 2 years ago. We really had a great
time this year. If you are in Cody, be sure to take in the show. Our
2 favorite songs were "Pray for the Fish" and "She's not at home on the

Mandolin player Tim Bushnell, Dan Miller on guitar.

Wendy Corr on bass, Adam McOwen on fiddle.

Dan's 10 year old daughter, Hannah, plays a mean fiddle.
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Cody Murals and bears

The Church of the Latter Day Saints has opened their doors for
visitors to view the murals that are painted in their foyer. The murals
depict the story of John Smith and the settlement of the Mormans
in Utah. More pictures here.

We discovered many Painted Bears in the city of Cody. It is a fund
raiser for the library. I took pictures of as many bears as I could find.
So, for more pictures, click here.

This one was Gary's favorite.
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Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Firearms Museum

Wow is the only word I can think of to describe this museum. Gary and
I spent many hours here. They had guns dating back to the 1500s. You
can click on Travel Photos for lots more pictures of guns.

You can click here for more photos.
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Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Museum

So many things to see. Great museum.

Buffalo Bill's jacket

Buffalo Bill's medal of honor

Info about Buffalo Bill. More pictures here.
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Trail Town, Cody, Wy

Trail town is a combination of various buildings that were moved to
Cody. There is a cabin where Butch and Sundance planned a hold up,
a saloon with bullet holes in it, the Hole-in the Wall Gang's cabin, and
other buildings. Most of the buildings also have items inside.

A two headed calf.

Jerimah Johnson was reinturned at Trail Town.

Hole in the Wall Gang's cabin is on the left. More pictures here.
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Cody Rodeo

We really enjoyed the rodeo this year. Seems like more riders were
able to hang on for 8 seconds.

They had a roping contest featuring the cowgirls.

She just missed this calf. More pictures click here.
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The West in Minature

This is a free museum. It depicts the story of the west using minature
figures. We really enjoy the different events shown.

Rhis scene shows the Indians herding the buffalo off a hill.

Wagon trains circle for the night, and the folks are enjoying the
evening with dancing.

This scene shows the battle of Little Big Horn.

A most fitting ending, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. For more
scenes, click here.
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Buffal Bill Historical Center, Plains Indian Museum

Eagle Hat.

Bear Claw Necklace

Elk tooth dress. For more pictures, click here.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Casper, Wy

We stopped in Casper, Wy for one night on our way to Canada. One thing
we like about traveling with Jim and Sherri is the fact that we do not
start early and try to be in a campground by 3 or so. That gives us time
to see some sights in the town we stop. Such was the case yesterday.
We stayed at Fort Caspar Campground. Next to the campground is
Fort Caspar and Museum, which only cost us $3 per adult to explore.
We discovered that Native Americans, mountain
men, fur traders, emigrants (on their way to Oregon), and the U.S. army
visited or lived in Casper during the mid-1800s. The North Platte River
valley was the pathway for the Oregon/California/Mormon Pioneer and
Pony Express Trails across the plain. Imagine walking the same path
that Brigham Young walked while leading the Mormons to the great
Salt Lake Valley. Last night Gary walked one of the trails and ran into
a mule deer doe. I took lots of pictures, so if you want to see more than
the four here, be sure to click on travel photo link on the right or click here.

Dakota war shirt.

Cherokee pipe bag. Lots of pipes on the wall above the bag

This is a replica of the Mormon ferry.

Back of Fort Caspar. The buildings had great exhibits inside. It was
amazing to see the size of the beds that the soldiers slept in and to learn
that 2 soldiers slept in each bed. Talk about closeness among the
troops!!!!! One exhibit also had a replica of a banjo.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Colorado Springs, Co

Our stay at Mountaindale Campground was great. We met some
wonderful people from Nebraska, got to see lots of wildlife, deer, fox,
birds, and a bear. We were able to do lots of sight-seeing from our
location, Pike's Peak, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Cave of the Wind, and
Garden of the Gods. Our visitors included mom and dad who were
able to stay 3 nights with us. We really had a great time visiting
our relatives, Eulan, Nellie, and Nikki, oh yes, cann't forget
Vinnie. Following pictures were taken at the campground.

Catus growing on the side of the hill.

This bear was strolling next door. Steps to our rig are on the left.

Our neighbor's dog chased the bear up the hill. He came down a
few campsites behind us. I sure am glad that I have a zoom lens.

The sun is setting over Jim and Sherri's rig. We saw a beautiful sunset
Thursday night on our drive from Pueblo to the campground. However,
my camera was at camp.
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