Friday, June 30, 2006

Iowa, Minnosota, North Dakota

We have covered lots of territory since my last post. We spent a few days at the factory getting some work done on the motorhome. While there we met some really neat folks. Mom and Dad also had some work done on their rig also. Before we got to the factory we spent a few days in an Iowa campground so Gary could catch his fish in Iowa. He managed to do so. We also took a ride through some of the Amish country. Mom and dad left us and went on to Missouri. Gary and I headed for Minnosota. We spent a night in the hometown of Sinclair Lewis. Great campground. From there we went to the Gold Eagle Vacationland campground in Perham, Mn. Met some more great people. Forrest even invited Gary to fish with him on his boat and they were successfull enough for us to have a fishfry. Gary and I are currently in Jamestown, North Dakota. We are camped close to Frontier town and toured that today. We also went to the Buffalo Museum.

Frontier town, Jamestown, North Dakota

World's largest buffalo. Statue that is 46' long, 26' high, 14' wide and weighs 60 tons.

Buffalo with calf.

Gary following directions. Posted by Picasa

Baby animals in Illinois campground

Baby robbins looking for a worm from parents

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Amish mode of transportation.
Amish buggies parked behind hardware store

Wash day in Amish country

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shady Lakes Campground, New Windsor, Illinois

We stayed two nights at this campground so Gary could catch his fish in Illinois. He managed to catch lots of bluegill in the day and half we were there. Wonderful campground. People are very friendly.

Sunset the first night we were there.

View of the lake in which Gary caught his fish.

One of the many frogs that can be seen in the lakes.

Tri-colored blackbird. Posted by Picasa

Linton, Indiana

We had a Scaggs family gathering in Linton, Indiana at the Hillbilly Acres Campground. Great fun visiting with the family. Food was plenty and delicious.

Iron bridge, Linton Indiana

machine used to dig coal

one of the fishing ponds Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cloud 9 Ranch, Caulfield, Mo

We spent 12 days at Cloud 9 Ranch in Caulfield, Mo. It is our home park for Coast to Coast. It has 6 campgrounds to choose from. We usually camp at Wilder which is by the springs. Cloud 9 is a haven for those who like to ride ATVs. It has over 60 some miles for people to ride on. Gary caught lots of fish. We were able to have 2 fishfries. It was great to visit with some of the people we met last year. Mom and dad met us at Cloud 9. We were sure happy to see them.

One of the fish Gary caught at Cloud 9.

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Cloud 9 Ranch, Caulfield, Mo

Looking at the stream at Foggy Hollow.
Looking to the left of the Springs at Wilder campground.
The spring at Wilder campground. People catch lots of fish here. Posted by Picasa