Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gary's New Boat

We are camped on a beautiful lake that Gary just knows is filled with fish wanting to take a bite out of his worm. However, he has discovered that most of the lake property is owned by people who post "no tresspassing" signs. He has also discoved that is is becoming true of most of the places where we camp. So, that led us to an internet search and a trip into Spokane. Gary is now the proud owner of an inflatable pontoon boat with a trolling motor. This was his first trip out. However, the wind was really blowing so he was not able to do much fishing. But the wind should not blow every day.

Checking things out.

The oars are working and Gary is away from the bank.

Using the trolling motor, he made it out to the pontoons.

He will be able to carry the boat on top of the jeep so that he will not have to inflate it every day we are camped at a lake.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last campground in Canada

We left Canada this morning. Sure did enjoy the sites we were able to see. Border crossings were very easy. When we left Canada, the border guard asked us a couple of questions, looked in our frig, and then wished us a safe trip. Gary was able to catch two more fish after we arrived at our campground. After crossing the border, we drove to Colville, Washington and hit our first Walmart. Since we did not purchase many groceries in Canada (too expensive) we hit the first Walmart we saw in order to stock up on veggies, meat, eggs, and other food stuff. I just knew we would have to have 2 baskets to haul our stuff in. We should be set now for a couple of weeks before we need to find another Walmart. I honestly think Gary was having Walmart withdrawals. We were able to get Gary a Washington fishing license so Gary is now reading the fishing rules. We are camped 100 yards from Deer Lake.

Here we are in the Riviera campground in Grand Forks, BC.

Took a walk along the beach and admired the flowers.

Kettle River runs behind our campground.

Nice calm night.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

British Columbia Wildlife Park, Kamloops, BC

We are currently camped in Kamloops, BC. Next door to our campground is the British Columbia Wildlife Park. When we checked in, we received a cupon for the park, so Gary and I took advantage of the one free admission. The park was okay, a lot of their units were being worked on so we were not able to see all the animals in the park. We did enjoy the bird show they put on.

My favorite bird is the owl, so I had to post this on the blog.

They had 4 wolves in the park.

It has been hot here. These grizzles are enjoying the sprinking system.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jasper to Clearwater, BC

Our cold nights and cooler days are over!!!! We had been experiencing cooler
weather and now have arrived in Kamloops, British Columbia and it is 92 outside.
What a gorgeous drive we enjoyed. We saw a deer cross the road just in front of
a vehicle. We stopped at the first British Columbia information center and
enjoyed lunch in our new surroundings.

This is Cinnamon Peak. Sure was pretty. The different colors of green just can't
be seen in this picture.

This is Mount Robson. Sure was pretty. Would have like to take a hike or two
in this area. Did I mention how pretty the wildflowers are along this drive?

Close up of Mount Robson. Quite a huge glacier.

Alas, this was the last glacier that we were able to see on our drive.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Wow!!! Lots of things to see in this park. Our time was spent visiting
lakes, falls, watching wildlife, and walking up to a glacier. I really enjoyed
the glacier. I took lots of pictures and put them in 3 different albums that
can be viewed by clicking on our travel photo link.

This is Athabasca Falls. Lots of water coming down the Athabasca river
into the falls.

Gary is holding up what is left of an iceberg from the Glacier Cavell.

Glacier Cavell is in the background. For more photos, click on the travel
photo link

This is the Glacier Angel.
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Pyramid Lake with Mount Pyramid in background

Cottonwood Slough

Patricia Lake

Gary fishing at Pyramid Lake. He caught a trout!!!!
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Wild life in Jasper

Bear cubs in a tree

Young elk

Mountain Goat

Downy Woodpecker
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Medicine Lake received it's name from the natives due to the fact that
during the month of October, the Lake completely drains.

This is Maligne Lake. They offer a boat cruise for $47.

Maligne Canyon.

Maligne River drops into a fall
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Banff to Jasper, Alberta, Canada

We left Banff and traveled the Ice Field Parkway Highway to Jasper,
Alberta, Canada. What a beautiful drive. If we had not been in the
motorhome, it would have taken Gary and I a whole day to drive what
we did in 4 hours. The scenery was gorgeous. Lots of places to pull out
for those driving cars and even motorhomes. Most of the pull-outs
were busy. There are numerous bikers in Canada. It is hard to
believe that many people are willing to bike up or down mountain
grades of 6-8%. Most of my pictures were turning out really
great until we hit too many bugs. Then the pictures looked like
birds were flying in the sky.

Columbia icefields. The little spots you see are the buses that take
people onto the icefields.

One of the glaciers at the Columbia Icefields.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

We are enjoying our stay in Banff. Gary has been fishing and managed
to catch 3 fish. We have discovered that things are very expensive in
Canada. When we went to Calgary to see the Stampede, parking was
$30. We washed clothes and it cost us $4 a load to wash, $.25 for 5 minutes
to dry. The scenery here is absolutely beautiful. Gary and I went to
the Buffalo Museum which has lots of wonderful exhibits of the
Indians. If you want to see more pictures of the park, just click on
the travel photo link.

Downtown Banff with Cascade mountain in the background.

Gary and I saw 6 bull elk on our drive to Lake Louise.

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