Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Davy Crockett, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

We stopped in Lawrenceburg to view the Davy
Crockett statue and the house he lived in while
in Lawrenceburg. They also advertise a
Davy Crockett museum and Cherokee Cultural
Center. Their is nothing of value to see in the
museum/cultural center. However, we were
able to view a 30 minute video about the
Trail of Tears. That was very interesting.

Statue of Davy Crockett in Lawrenceburg square.

Davy Crockett lived in this cabin from 1817-1822. You can
go inside, but there is nothing inside that belonged to Davy

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I found your site while looking up things about the Trace, and I notice that you have visited many places that are regular stops on my trips and I thought I'd suggest a place to you if you haven't already been there. On the Northeastern side of Ft. Knox, in Bradenburg, KY, there is a beautiful inn in the most serene, scenic spot you can find. It's a well kept secret, and inexpensive. Part of it was built by Lincoln's father - I think he was a brick mason. Here's the link - http://www.doeruninn.com/