Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington


Reproduction of World's first fighter. Used in WWI Posted by Picasa

Seattle, Washington

Space Needle, Seattle, Washington

Sea Otter, Seattle Aquarium

Coral reef

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

computer crashed

My computer crashed and so I have lost all my email addresses. If you were on the list of those I have contacted for updates, please email me so I can add your address to my update folder.

We are currently in Washington at Tall Chief Resort. It is a very pretty resort with lots of things to do. It is part of our Western Horizon Membership, so we do not have to pay anything to stay here. They have dinners on Friday and Sat. night. Last night we had clam chowder and salad for $5 per person. Tonight they are having New-York Steak or Chicken for $7. After dinner tonight they are having a show, Musical Memories. We saw this show at Indian Waters last December.

Since the computer crashed, I have been busy trying to reload all my programs. At least I had backed up all of my pictures on an external hard drive. Was planning on backing up the other stuff this week, but------

Gary is not happy with the fishing in Washington. They have too many regulations on fishing here. The fishing law book is quite thick with all the rules and regulations.

We are also camped in a space that has lots of tress, so I cannot get out with my internet sat. but they have wifi here and my new computer has built in wifi so I am using that for this post.