Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beaver's Bend, Broken Bow, Oklahoma 2008

We really had a great time with 05 classmates at Beaver's Bend
located near Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We spent two weeks communing
with nature. Gary caught lots of trout. The river was up and
really moving which made catching the trout more of a challenge.
The weather was mild enough for us to have a fire every night.
When it rained, we just got out our umbrellas and enjoyed the
fire. We made a day trip to the Diamond Mine in Arkansas.
We searched for diamonds but came up empty. Sure was fun.
My cousins, Sue, LaDena, and Terry made it to Beaver's Bend
for a week-end. We also enjoyed feeding the squirrels and
a raccoon who loved tortilla chips.

Sherri started off the troutzilla contest with her 16.5

Gary won the troutzilla contest with this 17 3/4 trout.

This is called Cold Hole. Gary and Sherri caught their
troutzillas out of this part of the river.

Diane caught fish, but when she landed them, they usually
tried to get back into the water. Tom tried to help her
keep the fish on land.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dealy plaza

We toured a part of history, Dealy Plaza where JFK was shot. The book depository now has a museum on the sixth floor, the floor where Oswald allegedly shot the president. An audio tape of the museum is included in the admission. No photographs allowed in the museum. After we toured the museum, we went down to the grassy knoll. There was a gentleman there who says he was there the day Kennedy was shot. He says he saw the smoke from the shots fired from the grassy knoll. Was there a conspiracy or was Oswald the lone shooter? If the head shot came from the front, then was that part of JFK's skull that was recovered by the lamp post? Did someone fire at the president behind the picket fence?

Dealy Plaza

The Grassy Knoll. Where shots fired from behind the fence?

The orange stake is where one theory states that the
badgeman was standing.

Did Oswald shoot Kennedy from this sixth story window?

First shot was fired and hit Kennedy as his car passed
under this sign.
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Dallas Arboretum

The sun was shining and the weather was great, so off to the Arboretum we ventured. For the price of $13.95 per adult, we were able to see all kinds of flowers in glorious bloom. Had a change to take lots of pictures. Next time we plan on taking a picnic lunch.

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Flowers growing in the shape of a hat.

I think this lady bug will be busy eating for a long time.

Time for a drink
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