Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grand canyon

Agua Canyon

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Paria View.

Does this look like a dragon to you? Mossy Cave.

Fairyland Canyon
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Grand Canyon natural Bridge

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Planes of Fame Museum

This museum is located 24 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Price of the museum also includes the car museum. Not many planes or cars, but sure enjoyed the ones that were in the museum. Cost was $5 per adult.

This is the plane used by MacAuther during WWII.

Japanese zero

This was my favorite of all the old cars. Sure was beautiful with all the gold on it.

Hudson pick-up.
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Grand Canyon - South Rim

Lots of points to see. We made good use of the shuttle system. We got off at each point and stayed as long as we wanted. We also drove to the points towards the east side of the park. Before we toured the park, we saw the movie about the Grand Canyon at the IMAX theater. We had lunch at McDonalds and picked up a discount ticket for the IMAX. Be sure to see the show.

Condor flying over the canyon.

Gary was really excited about the Grand Canyon. He had always wanted to visit it. We were there a few days after President Obama and found out what chair the president sat in.

Colorado River from the Watchtower.
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Grand Canyon - North Rim

Gary and I spent 2 days exploring the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We camped out in the boonies about 34 miles north of the park. This park does not have any shuttle service. You have to drive at least 15 miles to see Cape Royal and Angel's Window. Gary says that he enjoyed the North Rim of the canyon more than the south. There was a fire over by Cape Royal which started in July. Fire was caused by lightening. In some of the pictures, you can see the smoke from the fire.

We were greeted by the buffalo about a mile into the park. A couple were in the road and were in no hurry to get out of the way.

This is Angel's Window. You can see the Colorado River through the window. We walked out to the overlook on top of the window. What a view.

Colorado River.
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Cedar Breaks National Monument

Very small National Park but very beautiful. There were only about 4 view points in this park. It has a campground, but the sites are not large enough for us to park in.

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When we checked into our campground, the owner told us about Kolab. It is the northwest section of Zion National Park. So, since we had the time, Gary and I drove over to check it out. We were not disappointed with the many views we were treated to.

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Zion National Park

We enjoyed our afternoon at Zion National Park. We drove in from the east side of Zion. Beautiful drive. Once we arrived, we got on the shuttle and rode it to the various points. There were lots of people there because it was free to enter that week-end.

This is weeping rock. We stood under it and enjoyed getting dripped on. Helped to cool us off.

The last stop of the shuttle led to the River Walk. It was about a mile or so to where one would have to wade the river to keep on going. Sure was a beautiful walk. We saw a few flowers and even a snake on our walk.

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Paunsaugant Wildlife Museum

This is one fantastic museum. It is located on Hwy 12, just past the turn-off for Bryce Canyon. Cost was $8 per adult, but Gary and I believed that it was worth every penny. We spent a lot of time looking at the exhibits, which were numerous.

The exhibits were displayed in scenes with many things to see. Lots had birds in the trees, squirrels, lizards, etc.

Had a great display of birds to see.

This is one section of the Africa Room.

Over 1600 butterflies to be seen in the museum. Lots of bugs also. I know one thing for sure, I do not want to run into a bug in Brazil, they have huge bugs there. There were also bird-eating spiders.
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Bryce Canyon National park

Bryce is my favorite of all the parks that we saw this year. I could take a chair and sit at any of the view points and watch the view all day. When the sun hits the Canyon, the colors change. I have included a view from most of the points. I took lots of pictures, so if you want to see more, be sure to click on the links underneath each photo. There were a lot of people in the parks. Most were from Europe. The California car rental business was sure doing great. So was the RV rental business. We did not run into very many Americans in the park. The pictures do not really do justice to the beauty of the park. We spent 10 days camping in the park with Jim and Sherri.

Chipmunks were a hit with the Europeans. They would follow them around trying to get a picture. This one just happened to be sitting on the rocks as we passed by.

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