Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hovenweep National Monument

Gary and I drove to Hovenweep National Monument located in Utah. It is a wonderful place to visit. We took the trail around the canyon, however, we were running out of time and did not get to see everything. So, that means we will have to return here.

These are the twin towers. Together they had 16 rooms.

This is the eroded boulder house. Imagine what it took to build a home under this rock.

This is the Unit house.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fishing at Joe Moore Reservoir

We finally made it to Joe Morgan Reservoir. Jim and Sherri had told us about this reservoir and the fishing to be done there. We had planned on boondocking there for a few days, but they no longer allow people to boondock, so we settled for a day of fishing. When Jim and Sherri were in Tucson in Feb. this year, they met Terry and Gary who stay in Dolores, Colorado during the summer and fish at Joe Moore. Well, we ended up in the same campground with Terry and Gary and they went to Joe Moore with us. They let Sherri use their fishing tube and waders. Sherri enjoyed the tube but did hitch a ride with Gary two times. All caught fish and it was a beautiful day to be out on the water.

Joe Moore Reservoir

Sherri enjoying fishing in the tube.

Gary fishing in the boat. Look, he has a fish.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Durango, Colorado

We spent 3 days in Durango. 2 of those days were spent having the rig worked on, needed to replace air filter, water seperator, and fuel filter. However, we did find time to walk downtown Durango and even made it to Cold Stone Creamery 2 times. We went to the Bar D Ranch chuckwagon dinner show. Little did we know that besides being entertained by the Bar D Wranglers, Riders in the Sky were appearing that night. Great dinner and show. Cost for dinner and show was $20 per adult.

Bar D Wranglers. We will be going back to see them again.

Riders in the Sky. Wow what a show.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Williams Creek

Jim has led us to beautiful camping sites. He promised Gary that there would be fishing near-by or at each camping site he had chosen to take us to this summer. Williams Creek sure lived up to his promise. We arrived at this area from Pagosa Springs, Co. We made a right turn by the Giant Gas Station and followed the road for about 25 miles or so. The black-top ended after 7 miles so the rest of the trip was on a dirt road. At the end of our journey, our tow vehicles were more brown than gray. The weather has been wonderful. We have had a couple of rain storms, hail yesterday, but most of the days were filled with sunshine. Gary has caught lots of fish; in fact, Sherri wanted some fresh fish for dinner so Gary went out and caught 10, released 6 of them, and delivered 4 to Sherri for dinner that night. He has been able to catch fish every day. It rained most of the day yesterday but when the rain let up, the sun came out and Gary decided to go fishing. He fished down the stream for about half a mile and then it began to pour and hail. He managed to catch 3 fish but by the time he got back to the rig, he was soaking wet.

Mountains behind out campsite.

View from the road.

Williams Creek Reservior. Gary walked down to the spillway and caught 30 fish.
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Flowers are blooming

I really enjoy taking pictures of flowers. My friend, Jan, helps me to identify the flowers that I take pictures of. I found a flower book in the rig, but want to look for another one that will help me to identify what I am seeing.

This one is called Prairie Smoke. I have more pictures of this in Picasa that shows it budding.

This is Rocky Mountain Iris.

Wild Blue Flax

Can you spot the bee in this Common Dandelion?
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Heron Lake New Mexico State Park

We enjoyed our stay at Heron Lake. Weather was pretty good, however, the wind and rain would come up every day, but it did not last long. One day we even had about 45 seconds of hail. Gary caught fish on the lake, but he caught more fishing near the bridge on 95.

Watched this bug back across the road with his meal.

This osprey is sitting on the nest. It's mate delivered dinner so the babies could be fed.

This is the Chama River.

Weed or flower?
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park

This is the first and only State Park dedicated exclusively to Vietnam Veterans. The 6000 square foot visitor center features photographs and banners from some of the 210 units that served in Vietnam - A media room with the HBO film "Dear America: Letters home from Vietnam" - and a Veterans room honoring those killed or missing in action. Guided tours and Ranger talks are given on Sat at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm and Sundays at 10:00 am June-August. For more info: www.angelfirememorial.com

This Huey served with the 121st AHC where it was known as the Viking Surprise and was one of the first smokeships in Vietnam. On March 26, 1967, it helped rescue members of the 175th AHC and was damaged so badly it returned to the US for repairs. At that time at total of 135 bullet holes were counted in it. It was returned back to Vietnam with the 118th AHC to serve a second tour.

This life-size statue by artist Doug Scott, is called "Dear Mom and Dad"

Backside of Peace and Brotherhood Chapel.

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The early bird

It's true. The early bird does catch the worm.

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Kit Carson House, Taos, New Mexico

What thoughts fill your mind when someone speaks about Kit Carson? My mind fills with thoughts of mountain man, scout, and hunter. We learned that Kit Carson was on 5'5" tall. He became one of the most famous frontiersman in America. He was a scout for John C. Freemont and closed out his career as an army officer, first in the Civil War and then later in the Indian Wars of the Southwest. Along with 3 other men, he held off 200 Indians, escaping after the sun went down.

This house was the home he shared with his Hispanic wife, Josepha Jaramillo Carson, who was the mother of 6 of this children. She died after giving birth to their 6th child. Kit died a month later. Cost to visit the house is $5 per person. There are not many exhibits to see but we viewed an excellent film about Kit's life. The actor who played Kit was his great-great-great grandson.

Courtyard of the Carson house.

Gary standing in the doorway leading to the kitchen.

Kitchen area.

Kit's double-barrelled shotgun and 50 caliber Hawken.
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Kit Carson Memorial State Park, Taos, New Mexico

Governor Bent Museum, Taos, New Mexico

Charles Bent was the first territorial governor of New Mexico. He took office in Sept, 1846. Besides being governor, he was half owner of Bend, St. Vrain & Company. The company was formed to trade with the Indians and natives of New Mexico and Southern Colorado. In Jan, 1847, a large group of native New Mexicans and Pueblo Indians gathered on the patio of the Bend house and demanded to see Charles. Charles was wounded by gun shots and arrows and was finally scalped alive. His family escaped by digging a hole through the wall to a neighboring house.

There are other items to see in the museum. $3 per person to view the tiny museum.

Home of Charles Bent, first territorial governor of New Mexico.

Escape hole dug by Mrs. Bent, Mrs. Kit Carson, and others.

One of the items in the museum.

This chair belonged to Governor Bent. It was not destroyed at the time of the uprising because it was in the home of Kit Carson, who was related to the Bents.
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Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

This bridge is located close to Taos, New Mexico. Took two years to build this bridge. Lots of space for motor homes to pull over and park.

This herd of sheep were grazing near the gorge.

View of the Rio Grande River from the bridge.
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