Friday, April 27, 2007

Beaver's Bend State Park

Gary and I enjoyed our 10 day stay at Beaver's Bend State Park located north of Broken Bow, Ok. We stayed at Fern campground. Cost was $18 a day. If you are a senior, cost is $16 a day. The scenery was just beautiful. The deer would wander into our camp during the morning and evening. For those who love to trout fish, Beaver's Bend is the place to go. Gary managed to catch lots of fish every day. One day he caught and released 20 trout, the next 21. We had great company during our stay. Jim and Sherri Reed, Jack and Nita Connell, and Tom and Diana Persinger. Gary and I sure were lonesome when they all departed. At least they did not all leave on the same day. We also toured the Wildlife Museum and the Forest Heritage Center while we were in the area. I took lots of photos and made 5 different albums to contain all of them. You can click on the travel photo link and view the albums, Wildlife Museum, Forest Heritage Center, Beaver's Bend State Park, Fishing at Beaver's Bend, and Sky at Beaver's Bend.

Fishing at Beaver's Bend State Park

The fishing was great!!!!!! We had 3 fish frys while we were there. Everyone who fished managed to catch trout. Gary and Sherri had a secret weapon and were pulling in a trout every time they tossed their line into the water. The fishing holes were really beautiful. If you love to fish for trout, you need to visit this park. More fishing photos can be seen by visiting our travel photos and viewing the Fishing at Beaver's Bend album.

Tom's first fish of the day.

Diana's trout.

Gary pulling in a trout.

Sherri pulled one in.

Catch of the day

A successful day of fishing.

Beaver's Bend wildlife

The wildlife in Beaver's Bend State Park are fun to
watch and photograph. More photos can be seen in the
Beaver's Bend State Park Album on our Travel Photos

Getting his breakfast.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Forest Heritage Center

Gary and I toured the Forest Heritage Center at
Beaver's Bend State Park located north of Broken Bow, Ok.
The tour is free. We really enjoyed the exhibit showing
the different items made of wood. I thought the hat was
really unique. More photos can be see in the Forest
Heritage Center Album on our travel photo link.

One of the many murals on display.

This exhibit show the various tools used in the lumbering

This log cabin is over 100 years old. You can view some of
the pictures I took of the inside by clicking on my travel
photos and going to the Forest Heritage Center album

This exhibit shows how a log is cut for the various sizes of
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Wildlife Museum

Gary and I toured the Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum.
The tour included a tape which explains the exhibits.
We enjoyed all the information about the animals.
During the week, you can observe Taxidermist Shane
Womack at work. Cost for the tour is $5 for 12 and over,
$3 for under 12. Well worth the visit. The museum is north
of Broken Bow, Ok. on highway 259. More photos can be
seen by visiting our travel photos album entitled Wildlife Museum.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Camp Tonkawa, Garrison, Texas

We are camped at Camp Tonkawa with our friends Jim
and Sherri Reed, Jack and Nita, along with their friends who
play lots of music. We have bass players, mandolin players,
fiddlers, guitar players, and banjo pickers. We are really
looking forward to all the hours of music that are coming
our way. This herd of Fallow deer always appear in the
camp. When the music starts, we can see them keep time
with their tails and ears.

From here we will be moving to Broken Bow, Ok. along
with Jim, Sherri, Jack, and Nita. They are taking us to
Beaver's Bend where we are going to go trout fishing.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lake Fork Area

Enjoyed watching this cardinal.

Our campsite at Lake Fork, Texas.

Pelicans taking a rest before completing journey North
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April Snow in Texas

Who would have believed that it would be 44 degrees and
snowing in Texas in April. Not me!!!!!!

Gary trying to catch a snow flake.

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