Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Camping by the Truckee River

We are dry camping at the Tahoe/Glacier Flat campground along the Truckee River. The colors are really pretty. We will be here for 2 nights.

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Blairsden, Ca

We are slowly making our ways towards Los Banos, Ca, stopping along the way so Gary can fish the lakes and rivers. We spent 2 nights at Little Bear RV Park in Blarisden, Ca. Campground was pretty. There were lots of chain-saw carvings in the camp.

One of many of the carvings.

We drove to the Lake Basin area so Gary could fish the many lakes. The lakes sure were beautiful. This is Sand Pond. Sardine Lake is located behind the pond, just below the mountain.

Gary's catch for the first day's fishing at Sardine Lake.

Gary caught lots of fish at the Pluma-Eureka State Park. We also visited the Eureka Ghost town while we were in the park.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camping near Lake Almanor

We are just traveling down the road on our way to Los Banos, Ca. We find a good-looking campground and pull over for at least 2 nights. Of course, one requirement for the campground is that it is located near a body of water where fish swim around looking for a meal. Thus, we are now at Lake Cove Resort and Marina located near Westwood, Ca on the east side of Lake Almanor. Gary has been fishing and caught a couple of trout. He also had 2 on his line that ended up breaking his line and swimming away. Last night we had a visitor to our campground. This little deer came down for the apples that were under the apple tree.

Time for dinner. Apples are on the menu for the night.

The water level is down at Lake Almanor. For all those fishermen out there, you can see what your lures and hooks get caught on. Strange looking tree trunks. Bet lots of bass could be found near these tree trunks when the water was up.

Looking at the mountains from Lake Almanor.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eagle Lake Trout

Gary caught his limit of Eagle Lake Trout, the limit is only 2 here.

Measured the fish, one is 19 inches, other is 16 inches

This is the Marina. You are not allowed to fish in this area. Below you can see all the fish swimming in front of the rocks.

Lots of fish.

Gary would really like to catch one this size.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Traveling Hwy 395 to Likely, Ca

What a trip. Most of the scenery consists of high dessert, just grass and sagebrush. We also had to climb a couple of mountain passes which meant that we traveled at 25-40 mph. The scenery along the John Day River was pretty but the highway did not follow the river that much. Very little traffic on the road. Not very many places for pulling over for potty breaks.

We stopped at a roadside rest and I took my camera out and captured this photo of a butterfly.

This is Lake Abert in Oregon. A very akali lake. The lake is very large.

Highway 395 follows John Day River. This part of the trip was very pretty.

Didn't take Gary long to catch dinner once we arrived in Likely, Ca. He has really been looking forward to fishing the river. Now I know why.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Fishing at O'Sulivan

Gary just got back with lots of fish. He is really enjoying this camping spot.

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Our Washington Campgrounds

We arrived in Washington on July 27. We will be leaving Washington on September 17 heading down 395 to California. Gary has a lot of lakes he wants to fish in. We have really enjoyed our Washington stay. Lots of good fishing and the weather was wonderful. I have had lots of time to learn new things to add to my blog. I am trying to apply the things I learned about customizing my maps. Try clicking on the balloons for more information.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gary's Walleye

Gary caught this Walleye while we were at Moses Lake.

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