Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Branson, Mo second time around

Our second stay in Branson was wonderful. We were very busy seeing shows. We spent 2 days at Silver Dollar City enjoying the Bluegrass Festival. Cherry Holmes was the main attraction for the second day. We also enjoyed Cedar Hill. I even got to sing with one of the groups who entertain daily at Silver Dollar City. We attended the Pam Tillis show. Great show. Her brother and sister appeared with her. Second show we saw was Glen Campbell and Charo. Charo put on a great show. She is a classical guitarist and let me tell you, after her performance, her CDs were selling like hotcakes. Glen Campbell did an excellent job and his daughter, Debbie sang with him. We enjoyed a show put on by Tim Hadler who sang a lot of Hank Williams tunes. He has a hit out on the radio called "The Last Hank". Years ago we attended a show at Silver Dollar city put on by a family group called the Haygoods. The boys have grown up quite a bit. They all started out playing fiddle. Can you imagine 8 kids and they all play fiddle. Besides the fiddle, they play quite a number of other instruments. The only girl, Christa, plays harp also. We enjoyed the comedian at the Pierce Arrow show. Pierce Arrow is a group of 6 men. They have 2 bass players that are in the Guiness World book of Records. The Titanic attraction is a 3/4 size replica of the Titanic. We also visited that. It was okay. I enjoyed the one in Las Vegas better. The last show we saw was Yakov. He is originally from Russia; he became a naturalized citizen 20 years ago. We will be moving to Cloud 9 Ranch tomorrow to get a much needed vacation from our retirement.


Yakov is from Russia. He became an American citizen 20 years ago. He puts on a great comedy show. He is also an artist. His picture about 911 hung at ground zero for 18 months. Posted by Picasa


Haygoods family group in Branson, 7 boys, 1 girl, all very talented. High energy show. Youngest boy is 11. Posted by Picasa

Lisa Ray, fiddler for bluegrass group, Cedar Hill

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Cherry Holmes

Bluegrass group Cherry Holmes, father and youngest daughter. Their bluegrass album is now number 1 on the charts. Posted by Picasa

Pierce Arrow Bass singers

These two gentlemen sing bass for the group Pierce Arrow. The on the right held the guiness world book record for singing the lowest note until the one on the left broke his record. His record is 8 notes below the lowest piano key. He also holds the record for the largest range for a male singer. Posted by Picasa

Tom Hadler

Tom Hadler impersonating Hank Williams and then a member of the Soggy Bottom Boys. Posted by Picasa

Titanic deck chair, radio room, model used in movie

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Charo, Glen Campbell, Glen with daughter Debra

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Pam Tillis, Sonny Tillis, Pam Tillis, Pam's sister

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Fishing house, Gary and fish

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Bear's Den RV Resort, Grove, Oklahoma

We are staying at Bear's Den RV Resort in Grove, Okalahoma. We will be here for two weeks staying under our AOR membership which means we pay $6 per night. We have weathered a couple of thunderstorms the last couple of nights-lots of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. The campground is on the Grand Lake of the Cherokees. Gary has been having a great time fishing. They have a fish house here which allows him to fish even if it is raining. I have been spending my time taking pictures of birds. I can look out the windshield and watch the ducks, heron, and egret. For more pictures, click on our travel photos. Have lots of pictures of birds.

Birds at Bear's Den Resort, Grove, Oklahoma

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