Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vicksburg National Military Park

We visited Vicksburg National Military Museum and watched
a film about the seige of Vicksburg. Great museum. It has
models of various boats and ships used during the Civil War.
Cost is $5.50 per adult. From there we went to Vicksburg National
Military Park. We arrived in time to see them fire off
one of the Napoleon 12 pound cannon. That set off all the
car alarms. Before we took the 16 mile tour of the park, we
viewed an 18 minute film about the battle and seige of Vicksburg
It is amazing to see the battle field, I know I would not want
to be a Federal soldier charging up the hills into the Confederate
cannons. It was easy to understand why Grant decided upon
a seige to take Vicksburg. One can still see where the
Federals dug their numerous trenches during the night to
get closer to the Confederates. During the tour, you can
see numerous monuments to the regiments that took part
in the seige. Some of the monuments are quite large.

Firing of the cannon.

This is what the battle ground below Fort Garret looks like.
You can see the trenches that the Federals dug in order
to get closer to the fort.

One of the many monuments.

Monument to the Texans who participated in the seige of
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