Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tupelo Automobile Museum

WOW!!!!!! I think this is the best auto museum that we have
visited so far. There are over 100 restored cars here. In
front of each car is a speaker which details the history of that
car. This collection of cars is valued at more than $6 million and
has cars ranging from an 1899 Knox, a Duesenberg and three Hispano
Suizas to a Tucker, a Lincoln owned by Elvis, a never-driven
Dodge viper, a car owned by Libarache (sp?) and the Great
Race Car. I took lots of pictures of cars I had never heard of such
as, a Wasp, Lagonda, Graham, Westcot, and many more.
Cost $10 adult, $8 senior.
Be sure to click on our travel photos for lots more cars.

This is a Tucker. 51 were made none were sold.

This is a 1985 Triton Aero Car. The owner of a Domino's
pizza ordered these for his pizza delivery guys. Only a
few were made. These were not used in delivery of pizzas
due to insurance reasons. Can you picture an 18 year-old
using this to deliver pizzas?

This is a one-of-a-kind 1983 Camarovette. The paint
job alone costs more that a vett

This one is called a Wishbone.
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