Thursday, July 12, 2007

Natchez Trace Parkway mile marker 5.1-39.2

Our journey along Natchez Trace Parkway
has come to an end. We traveled all 440 miles.
We enjoyed our journey very much. I was amazed
at how many different types of mushroom, fungi,
we saw along the Trace. Different Fungi Along
the Natchez Trace Parkway
might make a good coffee
table book

Mile marker 8.7 - original Trace

Mount Locust is a restored historic inn. It was built in 1780.
It was a corn farm and cotton plantation. It became a
place where travelers could stop for the night for a meal
of corn mush and milk. The price was 25 cents. at one time
the plantation had 51 slaves. You can go inside the inn where
you will see furniture of that era.

Those who live along the trace.

This mushroom was growing inside the gall of a tree.
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