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Shiloh National Military Park

The Battle of Shiloh took place on Sunday April 6 and Monday
April 7, 1862. The fighting took place in a wilderness of
forest and scattered fields near Shiloh Church, Tennessee.
The battle was considered the first great modern battle.
Shiloh casualty totals staggered public imagination.
Union losses were 1, 754 killed, 8, 408 wounded, 2,885
missing, (mostly captured) for a total of 13, 047 men.
Confederate casualties climbed to 10, 699 total men,
with 1, 728 killed, 8.012 wounded,and 959 missing.
Federals were led by Grant, nearly 40, 000 men,
reinforced by Buell Sunday night to total 54, 500 men.
Confederates were led by Johnson and numbered 44,000
men on Sunday. Johnson was killed and
Beauregard took over. However, Beauregard
was unaware that Buell's army had arrived late Sunday night.
Monday morning found Beauregard's army with only 34, 000 men
facing Grant and Buell with 54,500 men. Beauregard was forced
to retreat to Corinth, Mississippi.

Grant's last line of defense on Sunday, April 6

Pittsburg Landing. General Buell's army of the Ohio
landed here Sunday night to reinforce Grant. This caused
Beauregard to retreat to Corinth, Mississippi.

Hornet's nest. For 7 hours, 3 union divisions occupied
a dense oak thicket. They repulsed several piecemeal
Confederate attacks while Grant prepared a last line of
denfense. The Confederated finally surrouned and
captured this position.

During the battle, soldiers of both sides came here to drink
and wash their wounds. Both men and horses died in the
pond, their blood staining the water a dark red.

More photos of Shiloh can be found on travel photos link.
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