Friday, July 17, 2009

Treasure Falls, Wolf Creek pass, Continental Divide

Treasure Falls is 105'. Water from this falls makes it to the Sea of Cortez. When this part of Colorado belonged to the Spanish, 300 Frenchmen secretly entered the territory searching for gold. Only 2 made it out and they talked about a treasure that was buried close to the falls. Is it still hidden somewhere? Were the 2 Frenchmen really telling the truth?

There is a trail that allows you to get closer to the falls. It is 1/4 mile and increases 200' in elevation. Great view.

To get to Creede, Co from Pagosa Springs, Co. you have to go over Wolf Creek Pass. 8 miles of over 8% grade. Beautiful views.

You cross the Continental Divide at the top of Wolf Creek Pass. This is a view of the east side of the Continental Divide.

This is the west side of the Continental Divide. The Continental Divide trail starts in Mexico and finishes in Montana, over 3000 miles.
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