Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silverton, Colorado

We really enjoyed our stay in Silverton. Quite a drive from Durango to Silverton. We went over 2 high passes. The scenery was just beautiful. Gary fished a couple of days and caught trout out of the stream. We toured the city, ate out a lot, took the gold mine tour, Mayflower mill tour, saw a gun fight, went to a ghost town, drove a jeep road, drove over to Ouray, and toured the museum.

This is the Animas River, which flows through Silverton.

Wyatt Earp dealt cards in this establishment when it was a saloon way back when.

This was the Imperial Grand Hotel. The bottom left is now a restaurant called Grumpy's. We had lunch there. They have a piano player there and we enjoyed the music and the food.

The Silverton-Durango railroad is right in front of our campground. We get to watch it arrive and leave.
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Janice said...

Hey, I loved it there. We took the train and didn't get enough so drove over for a day. Still wasn't enough so will hopefully plan to go back on day!