Friday, July 24, 2009

Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour

Gary and I always like the tours that we can find in the places we visit. We took the Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour. We went 1/3 mile underground. Our miner-guide walked us through original tunnels where we saw the vein and learned how mining was done. Our miner-guide also demonstrated the way mining was done. He used the authentic San Juan mining equipment such as the hand steels, drifter and jack-leg drills. He also got on the air-powered mucking machine and showed how they worked. Our guide was really great. After the tour, you can pan for gold. If you're in Silverton, be sure to tour the mine. Be sure to wear a light jacket or sweat-shirt. It is cold in the mine.

Gary is putting on the hard hat and slicker getting ready for the tour.

We rode the miner's mantrip train.

The beginning of our journey. Lots of water dripping from the ceiling but our gear kept us dry.

This is the Old Hundred Boarding House. The miners lived here year-round. They never had to go outside to get to work. The house is clinging to the cliffs 2000 feet above the mine. It was built in 1904.
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