Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lowry Pueblo

This Pueblo dates back to AD 1060 and inhabited for 165 years. The pueblo stood two or three stories high, with rooftop entrances reached by ladders. The small rooms suggest that most activity took place on top of the roofs and along the east side of the building. By the time the last families left the pueblo, it had grown to 40 rooms, eight Kivas, and a Great Kiva. The people who lived here farmed corn, beans, and squash. The average height was about 5' 1" for females and 5'3" for males. Half of all children may have died before the age of 6. The average life span was 30 years. The Pueblo is part of the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.

Lowry Pueblo. A cover was built to protect the Pueblo from the elements.

This is the Kiva that can be found inside the Pueblo. When this first excavated, this Kiva had a beautiful painted mural on its walls. A section of the mural was removed and can be seen at the Anasazi Heritage Center.

The Great Kiva is 47 feet in diameter, one of the largest kiva found in the Great Sage Plains. This Kiva was built around AD 1086. It was probably accessed by a ladder through a central opening.

Some of the wild flowers next to the Kiva.
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