Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mesa Verde national park

Wow is about the best word I can find to describe Mesa Verde National Park. We spent 2 days in the park and could have spent more time. Once you pass the entrance point, it is 15 miles to the visitor center where you can purchase tickets for 3 tours that are offered. We chose to take the Cliff Palace and Long House Tours. We did the Cliff Palace tour the first day and the Long House Tour the second day. Cost of tours was $3 per person. There are lots of things to see that do not cost you anything. There is a restaurant at the Spruce Tree House location, other than that, you should plan on a picnic. No place to buy gas, so make sure your tank is full before you go. Be sure to wear good shoes if you plan on going on the tours, as you will encounter steps and some steep paths.

This is Spruce Tree House. You walk a steep path down to visit the area. This is free.

The upper rooms were for food storage.

These vessels are canteens.

Took this from the entrance booth while Gary was purchasing his Senior pass. Yes, Gary is now 62. We will now be able to visit all the national parks for free and camp for half price in the national forest campgrounds. Of course, I took lots of pictures which you can see by clicking here.
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