Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park – Day 4

Day 4 in the Rocky Mountain National park was another great day.  We wanted to cover an area we had not seen, so we headed for sheep lakes.  We found out why it was called sheep lakes as 2 ewes with their lambs were around one of the lakes feeding.  Gary set up the spotting scope and we really got to see them up close.  We like to invite people to look through the scope, especially the young-uns.  It’s great to hear the reaction of the kids when they get to see through the scope.  After the lakes, we decided to travel Fall River Road.  Great choice.  Got to see some waterfalls.  It is a one-way road that ends up at  the Alpine Visitor Center.  We stopped there for lunch and sat at a table where we could watch the elk on the mountain.  Then we traveled back home on the Trail Ridge Road and since the weather was clear and the construction had moved further down the road, we were able to make some stops we had missed and to see a lot that we had missed.  I think I’ve worn out the words “wow” and “awesome.

P1330819 Sheep lakes with 2 ewes and lambs.

P1330852 Chasm falls

P1330894 This marmot was eating something in the road and would not move.  We had to go around him.




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