Monday, July 05, 2010

Dodge City, Kansas

We were disappointed in Dodge City.  We thought it would be more like Tombstone, Arizona.  Front street is a replica of how Dodge City was in the days of the early town when cattle drives took place.  However, we did enjoy the dinner, the gunfight, and the show in the Longbranch saloon.  We also enjoyed the film in the store about the early days in Dodge.  We took the trolley ride around town and found that very informative.  Our driver even sang “Ring of Fire” as he drove down the road.  Pretty good.  We also enjoyed the short film that was in the Plains section of Dodge.  One day to see Dodge is all one needs.

P1010023-1 Different guns that the gambler’s used.

P1010030-1 storefront Indian.  They used the Indian as a symbol where cigars were sold because the Indians were first to use tobacco.

P1010055-1 out-of-towners beating up the locals.  This led to a gunfight. Everyone but the sheriff died.

P1010064 Miss Kitty singing to Gary.

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