Monday, July 12, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park – Day 3

A wonderful day 3 in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We went to the Moraine Park section today.  Hiked around Sprague Lake, up to Alberta Falls, and around Bear Lake.  The wild flowers were blooming which added to the beauty of our hikes.  Gary fished a little at Sprague Lake but wasn’t able to hook one.  There was a wedding going on at Sprague lake while we were eating lunch.  I could sit at one of the benches all day and watch the mountains change colors as the clouds moved across them.  When we were kids, mom would take us outside in Missouri and have us try to figure out what the clouds looked like.  I saw an elephant, birds, and numerous other animals in the clouds today.


P1330657 Sprague Lake

P1330728 Alberta Falls

P1330770 This is the picture used for the Colorado quarter.



P1330775 Bear Lake

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