Friday, July 09, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park – Day 2

The weather looked better over the mountain, so Gary and I decided we would drive over the Trail Ridge Road again.  Many of the sections which were covered by low clouds were clear, but when we reached the top, we had rain, snow, and hail.  We ate our lunch during one of the hail-snow storms and when we finished, were able to get out and see the beautiful scenery we had missed the day before.  We were able to see a herd of elk and Gary got out the spotting scope and we could really see them.  We are learning that it rains sometime during the day in this part of Colorado, but since, we are not in a hurry to move on, we can wait for the weather to clear.  Rocky Mountain National Park day 2 was wonderful.







P1330602-1 We ran into a filming crew.  They were filming Alexandra Cousteau and a naturalist for a film about the Colorado River.  Alexandra is in the dark jacket.

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