Saturday, April 25, 2009

Camp Tonkawa

This is the third year that we have stayed at Camp Tonkawa. We meet Jim's music group and have a great time playing music. One of the attractions of this campground are the fallow deer. Fallow deer are native to the Mediterranean region of Europe and Asia minor. The owner of this campground has his own herd. He has built 8' fences around the grounds to keep the deer in. The deer were a lot tamer this year than in the last 2 years. They came to our campground every night and were treated to some peanuts in a shell. Then they would munch on the grass on the open area near Jan and Wes's cite. We could hear them munching on the grass. Jan wants to put some on their farm so she won't have to mow the snaky area anymore.

Meal time.

Someone had cut the fence and this deer was wounded when he encountered the cut fence. He would eat out of Jan and Sherri's hands.
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