Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birds of Beaver's Bend

I really enjoy watching the birds when we are at Beaver's Bend. Every evening we would gather round the campfire and eat peanuts-in-a- shell. Of course, once we began to eat, birds would begin to drop in. Jan would put out some "people-bird feed" and a few peanuts seemed to always fall to the ground. This would always entice the birds to come a little bit closer. We were visited by a white-breasted nuthatch, cardnials, blue jays, wood peckers, and tufted titmice. Of course, since we are located next to the river, we were also able to see ducks and herons. When the guys would return from fishing, they would clean the fish and throw the remains out in the woods and a hawk and some crows would always show up for their dinner.


Red-bellied woodpecker


Red-shouldered Hawk
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