Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beaver's Bend 2009

When Sherri and Jim heard about how much Gary loves to fish, they told us about a place where Gary could catch a lot of trout. It did not take us long to get Sherri and Jim to show us that place - Beaver's Bend, located near Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We have fallen in love with Beaver's Bend and have been able to camp here 3 years in a row. This year we were joined by other members of the class of 05. We spent 2 weeks here and wish we could stay longer.

Scene behind Jan and Wes's campsite.

One of the things we really enjoy is a great campfire. This year Tom came up with the idea of everyone pitching in and having a brick of wood delivered to the campground. Sure had some great campfires which allowed us to roast hot dogs and marsh mellows. The fires also kept us warm on some of the cooler nights.

This guy is watching us watch him.

The group. Gary and me, Wes and Jan, Dean and Janice, Dianna and Tom, Sherri and Jim. We had just finished our Easter dinner.
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