Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last campground in Canada

We left Canada this morning. Sure did enjoy the sites we were able to see. Border crossings were very easy. When we left Canada, the border guard asked us a couple of questions, looked in our frig, and then wished us a safe trip. Gary was able to catch two more fish after we arrived at our campground. After crossing the border, we drove to Colville, Washington and hit our first Walmart. Since we did not purchase many groceries in Canada (too expensive) we hit the first Walmart we saw in order to stock up on veggies, meat, eggs, and other food stuff. I just knew we would have to have 2 baskets to haul our stuff in. We should be set now for a couple of weeks before we need to find another Walmart. I honestly think Gary was having Walmart withdrawals. We were able to get Gary a Washington fishing license so Gary is now reading the fishing rules. We are camped 100 yards from Deer Lake.

Here we are in the Riviera campground in Grand Forks, BC.

Took a walk along the beach and admired the flowers.

Kettle River runs behind our campground.

Nice calm night.
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