Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gary's New Boat

We are camped on a beautiful lake that Gary just knows is filled with fish wanting to take a bite out of his worm. However, he has discovered that most of the lake property is owned by people who post "no tresspassing" signs. He has also discoved that is is becoming true of most of the places where we camp. So, that led us to an internet search and a trip into Spokane. Gary is now the proud owner of an inflatable pontoon boat with a trolling motor. This was his first trip out. However, the wind was really blowing so he was not able to do much fishing. But the wind should not blow every day.

Checking things out.

The oars are working and Gary is away from the bank.

Using the trolling motor, he made it out to the pontoons.

He will be able to carry the boat on top of the jeep so that he will not have to inflate it every day we are camped at a lake.
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