Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Banff to Jasper, Alberta, Canada

We left Banff and traveled the Ice Field Parkway Highway to Jasper,
Alberta, Canada. What a beautiful drive. If we had not been in the
motorhome, it would have taken Gary and I a whole day to drive what
we did in 4 hours. The scenery was gorgeous. Lots of places to pull out
for those driving cars and even motorhomes. Most of the pull-outs
were busy. There are numerous bikers in Canada. It is hard to
believe that many people are willing to bike up or down mountain
grades of 6-8%. Most of my pictures were turning out really
great until we hit too many bugs. Then the pictures looked like
birds were flying in the sky.

Columbia icefields. The little spots you see are the buses that take
people onto the icefields.

One of the glaciers at the Columbia Icefields.
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