Friday, July 04, 2008

Glacier National Park, 2008

We were in the park 2 years ago in August. What a difference between
July and August. There was a record snowfall this year. The flowers
were really pretty. We saw lots of wildlife this year; moose, deer, bear,
birds, big horn sheep, mountain goats, and squirrels. We were able
to drive the Going to the Sun Road all the way, as they just opened it
on July 2. We wanted to do some hiking up at Logan's pass, but there
was too much snow.

Gary on his 60th birthday up at Logan's pass.

Weeping Wall. When we were here 2 years ago, we wondered why this
part of the park was named weeping wall. We found out. On the way
down the mountain, we got half of our car washed.

Jackson Glacier.

This is called Goat slopes. It is on the Going to the Sun road. We were
able to see Big Horn Sheep at the top of the falls. You can see cars
on the road and the waterfall continuing under the road.
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Tom & Dianna said...

Wow! Thanks for the pictures. I'm here drenched in sweat, (been out picking up roots from the topsoil that they are putting on the dam) and there's Gary in his coat! Happy Fourth of July to all of you. Dianna