Friday, June 03, 2011

Yorktown Battlefield

The battle that took place at Yorktown turned out to be the last battle of the Revolutionary War.  With help from the French, Washington was able to defeat Cornwallis in only 9 days.  We arrived at the battlefield in time to catch the film shown by the National Park, which tells about the battle.  We came out of the movie to find a volunteer ready to lead us on a short tour of the British side of the battlefield and tell us about what happened.  Our volunteer was French and so gave us great information about the role the French played during the Revolution.  He really was entertaining.  After that tour, we went inside the small museum, went to lunch, and then spent the rest of the afternoon driving the battlefield.  Great day.


The York river behind the British earthworks.


British redoubt 10 captured by the Americans.  Alexander Hamilton was on this raid.


These weapons, made by the French, were already 100 years old when they were used in the Revolutionary war.


British walked down this road when they surrendered.


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