Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ground Zero, 9/11 Memorial, Museum

One more day of taking PATH, this time to the World Trade Center.  Still cannot believe how many people are in such a small area.  After getting directions from the info center, we made our way around the construction to the World Trade Center Visitor Center.  We decided to tour the small museum and go on the walking tour.  Both of our tour guides were connected to 9/11.  One guide lost her son, the second lived in an apartment close to the South tower.  She is one of 3 bird sitters in the area.  Yep, I wrote bird sitters.  She makes a living by bird sitting when people go on vacation.  On 9/11 she had about 3 birds in cages that she saved.  She and her friends wrapped cloth around the cages, put the cages on a broom, and walked south to escape the dust from the collapsing tours.  She is once again able to live in her apartment.  Those who were evacuated from their apartments or places of business were given 15 minutes months later to remove their personal things.  It was amazing to see what items were found after 9/11.  The museum had some of those on display.  First time I have been in a museum and could hear a pin drop.
North end, unfinished museum in back
This is the window of an airplane. It was found on Church street by the towers.
This church was used by the volunteers at Ground Zero to rest from there hard labor.
what the area will look like in the future.  Work has begun on a couple of the buildings, work on rest will begin when the economy picks up.

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