Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mystic Seaport, Connecticut

What a beautiful day to go to a seaport museum.  We were there during their wooden boat show which meant that there were lots of extra boats to see.  The museum has set up an early 1800s seaport complete with ships and buildings.  Some of the buildings had staff inside to explain how fishing affected the seaport.  Really interesting to hear their stories.  There was also a building that talked about the tattoos that the sailors got.  A lot of them would have a pig tattooed on one foot and a rooster on the other because when ships wrecked, it was usually the pigs and chickens who survived.  Lots of information on whaling.  I did not realize that, in the early days, a whaling trip took 3-4 years.  Long time to be gone from home.  There were also lots of small sailing vessels to see that families used in the bay.  All in all, a wonderful day


FDR would spend a day on the bay in this vessel.


One building had a history of tugboats.  Lots of models to see


some of the vessels allowed you to go down below


A large whaling vessel.  Had to climb a few flights of stairs to get to board this one.  We were allowed to go below and see how the sailors lived while onboard.


Remember the Amistead


beautiful climate for flowers



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