Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tagging Paddlefish on the Missouri River

We have been going to what is known as the “wall” where people fish on the South Dakota side of the Missouri River.  We have seen people snag a paddlefish.  When the lights come on at night, we can see many paddlefish swimming around.  Apparently, paddlefish are on a special fishing list, one must have a permit to keep one and the season starts in August, so if you catch a paddlefish, you have to let it go.  The department of fish and game are studying the paddlefish and have a hatchery where they are trying to improve the paddlefish numbers.  They were out netting and tagging the fish yesterday.  They weigh, measure, tag, and then release the fish they net.  Very interesting to watch.


P1320357 big one

P1320358 tagging the fish


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