Saturday, June 26, 2010

Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles, Lexington, Nebraska

Great museum.   We were able to see tanks, jeeps, halftracks, a helicopter that had been shot down 5 times in Viet Nam, ambulances, a snow tractor, HMMWV’s, a WWII Volkswagon swim wagon, uniforms, motors, Hot Lips, uniforms, guns, a vehicle used in Patton’s army, and many other items.  What we liked is that we could even touch the vehicles and sit in some of them.  Great day.  Click on travel photos for more photos.

P1320501 German Volkswagon swim vehicle.  Life expectancy of this was about 4 weeks.  You can see other views by clicking on museum above.

P1320536 Great history here.  Snow vehicle used to rescue downed pilots and to recover the Norden bomb site.

P1320581 During WWII, Germans would string piano wire across roads about neck high.  The army put a wire cutter on their jeeps to take care of this problem.

P1320597 WWI truck.

P1320682 Main Battle tank

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