Sunday, June 21, 2009

Williams Creek

Jim has led us to beautiful camping sites. He promised Gary that there would be fishing near-by or at each camping site he had chosen to take us to this summer. Williams Creek sure lived up to his promise. We arrived at this area from Pagosa Springs, Co. We made a right turn by the Giant Gas Station and followed the road for about 25 miles or so. The black-top ended after 7 miles so the rest of the trip was on a dirt road. At the end of our journey, our tow vehicles were more brown than gray. The weather has been wonderful. We have had a couple of rain storms, hail yesterday, but most of the days were filled with sunshine. Gary has caught lots of fish; in fact, Sherri wanted some fresh fish for dinner so Gary went out and caught 10, released 6 of them, and delivered 4 to Sherri for dinner that night. He has been able to catch fish every day. It rained most of the day yesterday but when the rain let up, the sun came out and Gary decided to go fishing. He fished down the stream for about half a mile and then it began to pour and hail. He managed to catch 3 fish but by the time he got back to the rig, he was soaking wet.

Mountains behind out campsite.

View from the road.

Williams Creek Reservior. Gary walked down to the spillway and caught 30 fish.
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