Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kit Carson House, Taos, New Mexico

What thoughts fill your mind when someone speaks about Kit Carson? My mind fills with thoughts of mountain man, scout, and hunter. We learned that Kit Carson was on 5'5" tall. He became one of the most famous frontiersman in America. He was a scout for John C. Freemont and closed out his career as an army officer, first in the Civil War and then later in the Indian Wars of the Southwest. Along with 3 other men, he held off 200 Indians, escaping after the sun went down.

This house was the home he shared with his Hispanic wife, Josepha Jaramillo Carson, who was the mother of 6 of this children. She died after giving birth to their 6th child. Kit died a month later. Cost to visit the house is $5 per person. There are not many exhibits to see but we viewed an excellent film about Kit's life. The actor who played Kit was his great-great-great grandson.

Courtyard of the Carson house.

Gary standing in the doorway leading to the kitchen.

Kitchen area.

Kit's double-barrelled shotgun and 50 caliber Hawken.
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