Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Governor Bent Museum, Taos, New Mexico

Charles Bent was the first territorial governor of New Mexico. He took office in Sept, 1846. Besides being governor, he was half owner of Bend, St. Vrain & Company. The company was formed to trade with the Indians and natives of New Mexico and Southern Colorado. In Jan, 1847, a large group of native New Mexicans and Pueblo Indians gathered on the patio of the Bend house and demanded to see Charles. Charles was wounded by gun shots and arrows and was finally scalped alive. His family escaped by digging a hole through the wall to a neighboring house.

There are other items to see in the museum. $3 per person to view the tiny museum.

Home of Charles Bent, first territorial governor of New Mexico.

Escape hole dug by Mrs. Bent, Mrs. Kit Carson, and others.

One of the items in the museum.

This chair belonged to Governor Bent. It was not destroyed at the time of the uprising because it was in the home of Kit Carson, who was related to the Bents.
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