Sunday, August 31, 2008

Secret Camping spot

We really enjoyed out week at this secret camping spot. I promised to keep it a secret because the of the great fishing. While we were there, someone caught a 6 lb. bass, 2 people caught trout that were 20 inches long, and the blue gill were numerous. We really enjoyed watching grandmas, grandpas, and dads, teaching their young-uns how to fish. The shouting of the 4 year old boy "Dad, my fish is bigger than yours. I want to keep him", or "I got one!!!!!" Besides the fishing, bird watching was great. I missed taking a picture of the yellow-headed black birds as Gary and I were occupied playing music for the folks. We played for about 3 hours. Everytime I got ready to say that we were going to sing our last song, someone new would unfold their chair and sit down, so we kept on playing and singing. The other campers in this campground were very friendly. Kim and Kelly invited us to share their campfire and their great bacon/shrimp or bacon/scallops. If we are in our secret camping spot area, we will certainly stay again.

Kim and Kelly went through 20 lbs of bird seed the few days they were there.

I enjoyed watching the quail.

This squirrel was very busy enjoying his lunch.

If you click on the picture, you will be able to see Gary sitting on the dock fishing. The blue things are umbrellas. Gary was able to fish the day it rained and was rewarded by pulling in two trout that day.
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