Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fishin, birding, free country music

We are staying at the Suncrest RV resort in Moses Lake, Washington. Sure is a beautiful resort. Gary has been fishing. He is trying to catch a walleye. We were lucky in that we were able to attend the last free concert of the season on Moses Lake. The entertainers were Nashville Recording artist group Ricochet. Very enjoyable evening.

We arrived early for the concert so Gary would have time to fish.

Numerous flocks of Geese filled the sky before the concert.

The concert did not start until 8. We arrived early and were able to enjoy the equipment check and practice. Also allowed for great photo ops during the day verses the night.

This is the spa at our campground. Besides the spa, there are 4 pools. Gary has to drive about 2 miles to find a place to fish as Suncrest is not located on the lake. Suncrest used to be affiliated with Passport America, but dropped out of the system July, 2008. However, we were able to use our Good Sam discount, so our cost was $34 a night, but at least we got a site during Labor Day weekend. Tomorrow, we will move to one of our ROD membership parks which is 2 miles from Suncrest. This park is located on the lake.
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